Top 3 Facts about Call of Duty!

Call of Duty is one of the most highly played multiplayer games in the world. With Black Ops 3’s release about a week ago, I decided to gather the top three facts about Call of Duty. Here they are!

1. The Original CoD

Call of Duty was released in late 2003. The game debuted on the PC, but it also came out on a mobile phone. To be exact, it came on Nokia’s N-Gage. 

2. Top Selling

Mordern Warfare 3, released in 2011 is the top selling CoD game as of now, but I’m guessing Black Ops 3 is going to change that!

3. Easter Eggs

Teddy Bears. Those are CoD’s easter eggs! They came up in the games after Finest Hour was released. Loads of people spend time looking for these teddies, and I know I will when I get my copy of BO3!

That’s all for now! Sorry for the short post, I haven’t had much time recently. I’ll try to keep updated when possible though! For live updates, follow me on Twitter @gamerr_nation, or just click here.


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