Good News for the Xenoblade Lovers

Let’s be honest- who didn’t love Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii?

The newest Xenoblade game, Xenoblade Chronicles X has already been released in Japan, but recently, the North America and European countries.

XenobladeX is about two alien races battling on Earth in 2054. They wreak havoc and somewhat destroy Earth, and humans are forced to leave. The humans later end up on the planet Mira, and establish their home, “New Los Angeles”. An alien race is still hunting down the humans, and that’s the game!

The game will be open world, like the other Xenoblade games, and there will be a big focus on exploration. Besides traveling on foot, you will now be able to travel via mechas, large robots, called Skells. 

That’s mostly it about the gameplay and plot, make sure to catch the game for the Wii U this coming December!


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