Scam or Mistake? Full Refunds on this Game

Journey of Light is an amazingly difficult puzzle game that has been on Steam since May 22. 

The game is known to be very hard, or as others say, even impossible. There has not been even one person who has defeated the first level!

But that’s not why Steam is giving refunds. 

The game has said to be having 7 levels by the Dev, but a player looked into the game’s code, and discovered there’s only 1 level. People have reached out to the Dev on Twitter, but the Dev, who goes by “Lord Kres” has not given a single reply yet. 

Steam has made this game unavailable for player’s to buy, and is offering full refunds on it, even if they had the game for more than 2 weeks or played for more than 2 hours, which goes against the Steam Refund Policy. 

Here, a Steam User provides evidence of the game being impossible, and his honest review. 

You might be asking yourself, but one person has completed Chapters 1-3. That’s Lord Kres, but you can also see, Chapters 4-7 have NO achievers. What kind of Dev can’t beat his own game?  

What do you think about this game? Let us know in the comments below?


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