Twitch’s Rival? YouTube Gaming

Twitch. The live streaming service from gamers all over the world, has a total of about 1.5 million  users. Now, starting this summer, a new lives streaming service will be out, YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming will be a new app and website where gamers can interact, much like Twitch. You can subscribe to a channel or game, and get live updates of what’s happening. YouTube streaming has a high frame rate, 60 FPS, DVR, and after a live stream is done, it will convert automatically to a normal YouTube video.  

YouTube Gaming will be made public to the U.S and U.K first starting this summer, but a leaked version of the app is available. (Android Only). Overall, it COULD be very successful, but there is no guarantee to how the streamers would make money other than AdSense, unlike Twitch, where you could donate, and subscribing is 5 bucks. But within one month, we will find out!

Read more about YouTube Gaming here.


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